An exhibition held at the Thunder Bay Art Gallery from June 14 - September 8, 2013. For more information, please refer to the catalog.


The idea of playing with light and colours has always intrigued me. I began my arts career as a photographer and painter. In my work, I have transferred the skills and concepts of a photographer and painter to the design and fabrication of glass including the combination of canvas and carved plexi-glass. As an artist, I am inspired by light and how it can be manipulated and played with in the glassmaking process. In working with glass, I have had the opportunity to develop a very strong understanding and respect for the many aspects of light. I believe it has taken me into deeper realms of creative process. I’m influenced by the natural world, poetry and music. I am often faced with the challenges of bringing elements together, specifically finding the points where they converge. Although the various forms of animate and inanimate life in the world seem separate and dissimilar, they are, at the most profound level, inseparable, similar, and one.

The works are abstracted from memory of meditations on nature and urban landscapes, specifically textural variations of the elements - water, rock, air and colours selected for their emotional presence. The works are architectural in form, and often display the effects of erosion and growth – specifically the transitional moments in nature. My passion is to integrate myself with the work, through intuition and meditation. Through these works, I am able to breathe life into the medium of glass, animating the physicality of colour and form.
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